Singer Turns Words Into Logos With Hidden Meanings (48 photos)

Since we past covered Ji Lee along with his “Word As Image” task, he’s included more calligrams and posted an interactive e-book to allow you, the reader, have more involved. Lee initially began having fun with words as pictures two decades ago during a typography course at art college, and then he has-been hooked from the time. Make sure to check-out Lee’s interactive guide on iTunes, or perhaps the tough copy on Amazon.

“once we had been kiddies, letters were like enjoyable toys,” explains Lee. “We enjoyed them through our foundations. We colored all of them in books. We danced and sang with television puppets while mastering C ended up being for “cookie.” Quickly, letters turned into terms. Terms turned into sentences. Phrases changed into thoughts. And as you go along, we ended playing with them and stopped marveling at A through Z.”

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