Thai Artist produces 3D Art By Painting Layers Of Thread And Netting

33-Year-Old Thai artist Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew paints haunting, 3d-images on fine netting. He found the strategy unintentionally in 2001 when, while studying at Silapakorn University in Bangkok, he noticed an area of paint on their mosquito netting. Nimmalaikaew soon recognized that he could produce the impression of depth and amount by incorporating numerous levels.

“One quite outstanding options that come with might work is the fact that it changes viewer’s experience,” Nimmalaikaew told us. “The work of art as impression deceives perception. From the front, audience will dsicover the work in bare area. We draw personal shapes on the sparse white fabric with oil shade. The facts are different due to amount, shade, light and fabric level. Thread normally applied in a few works, while parts of huge, ready-made object are discovered.”

“We seldom understand where beginning or even the ending of life is”

“We cannot understand in which the beginning or ending of each and every thread is, just like these works of art”

“My art also remind us of looming work that weaves each bond collectively until it becomes bit of cloth”

“Many folks are nonetheless looking way to the problem of life”

“The layers based in the art work represent the problem of life”

Watch it for action:


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