106 designers which absolutely Fixed Things

Ever seen those “trust in me, I’m a professional” memes? Well, today we all know in which they got their inspiration from.

we are all guilty of just a little DIY now and then. Occasionally it really works. Sometimes it does not. And sometimes it’s just simple disastrous. But once it’s not also disastrous, it could often be pretty funny. Which explains why us have actually put together this listing of amusingly imaginative DIY solutions to pesky each and every day issues. So see the pictures below. You could only get a hold of a great way to fix some thing. Or perhaps you’ll find the easiest way to not do things. In either case, it really is most likely most useful if you do not try these at home. But if you have already after that go ahead and deliver us your images!

no. 1 My Laptop Charger Kept Falling Out In Clumps

#2 Roommate Punched A Hole Inside The Door. I Fixed It

# 3 Never Drop A Novel On Bath Once Again. My 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Invention

number 4 Lack The Income To Correct It? Improvise!

number 5 Wished To View The Video Game On Tv. Did Not Have An Adaptor

# 6 So My Son Fixed Our Shower

# 7 Perhaps Not The Worst Solution To Hold-up A Graphics Card

#8 My Father’s Solution Whenever A Control Knob Broke Off Within My Car

#9 Believe Me I Am An Engineer

#10 Being Resourceful

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