Dad transforms their 6-Month-Old Baby towards tha freaky Leprechaun For St. Patrick’s Day

You may remember an account we went a couple of months ago about Alan Lawrence, the guy who turned his 4-month old child Rockwell into an elf. Well, today he’s at it again, but this time he’s turned Rockwell, today 6-months old, into a Leprechaun instead. Well, it really is Saint Patrick’s Day in the end.

Rockwell’s mother made his costume, then Alan, an art director and web-designer from Utah, put his mini-model in several nasty scenarios before editing the pictures later. Even the family puppy got included! Although, happily for him, the green paint had been added in Photoshop.

as you can plainly see through the adorable images below, Rockwell appears pretty comfortable inside the most recent cheeky part. The sole question is, what’s going to their dad dress him up as after that?

Like that which you see? After that click the link to see another of Alan’s awesome photography tasks featuring another of their sons, William.

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