Natalie Wood Living It Up In Style

A single jetsetter who’s whisked around the world by wealthy strangers she meets insists she is not a gold digger and is merely a ‘luxury traveller’.

Natalie Wood, 30, from Canterbury, Kent, used a method that matches ‘travel-seeking singles’ to go on vacation together — two decades back.

Since that time, she’s flown with powerful businessmen — to far-flung nations like Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, the Maldives, Australia, Kuwait and the United States.

In addition to paying for her flights and lodging, the guys gave Ms Wood gifts such as designer merchandise and took her in flash cars and yachts to extravagant parties.

However, the beautician claims she’s really interested in meeting a potential spouse and traveling the world.

Ms Wood said: ‘I absolutely love to travel, so I decided to join in the hopes of finding guys with the same goal as I do.’

‘I’ve met around 80 men from all over the world — and they’ve been amazing.’

‘I enjoy the finer things in life and this lifestyle lets me own them’

But she said she’s ‘honest’ about what she is searching for. ‘I’m single and love meeting new people,‘ she said.

‘I really like to tick off different countries around the world. I like luxury cars, yachts, hot weather and the excursions I am going on are just getting better’

‘Most of those guys, who are usually a bit older than I am, are successful business men that are tired of travelling independently and need to share their trip with me’

However she said she always puts her safety .

‘I insist on skyping and always ask to see their ID before we arrange to meet, but every man I’ve met has been a real gentleman,‘ she said.

Ms Wood has been flown around the world to places she never dreamed of seeing.

In June, Natalie went to Kuwait to meet an international accountant who encouraged her to his home country to research.

She added: ‘His buddy had a yacht with jet skis and we partied in luxurious villas all week.’

She said her visit to Dubai was another highlight.

‘For the first half of my trip I stayed in a luxury hotel and for the next part I remained in the man’s villa.’

‘I flew to Perth in Australia to me personally fulfill another man who owned private airplanes, he had a massive collection and I was able to ride .’

‘I always make sure I enjoy them and the connection must come naturally.’

Ms Wood is currently in Miami, where she’s purchased a one way ticket and expects to connect with as many guys online as possible to be able to continue her experiences.

She explained: ‘I flew to Miami to meet a man who’s a really successful businessman and we’ve had so much pleasure.’

We explored the town in a red convertible mustang’.

‘But he had to fly back to London for business, and so I arranged to meet another man who works in construction.’

‘I’m flying to the Bahamas next week, I’m always so eager to see new areas and never want my experiences to end.’

‘I would like to fall in love and marry an international businessman but, until I do, I will continue’

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