106 Pics That Prove teenagers Are Copy-Paste Versions Of Their Parents

the moment a baby exists, all the aunties begin the never-ending debate perhaps the newborn took after mother or dad. But sometimes no talks are needed. Occasionally it looks just like the kid is wholly a clone of one of the moms and dads. Or a genius time traveler.

us features compiled a listing of young ones and moms and dads photographed at exact same age, appearing like twins. Do you seem like a copy-paste type of your mom or dad, also? Upload your photos modified side-by-side, we’d like to notice it!

# 1 My Mom And I, Both Age 25

# 2 Father And Son. Both two decades Old

no. 3 Father And Son. Exact Same Age, Equal Shirt

#4 Dad In 1978, Me In 2013

no. 5 Me Personally And My Grandfather

# 6 My Father Passed Whenever I Was 4, But Men And Women Constantly Explained That I Appeared As If Him

# 7 Mother & Daughter

#8 My Father In 1976 And Me In 2012

# 9 My Better Half Along With His Grandfather

#10 My Mother Is Regarding Left Along With Her First-born Son 41 Years Back And Me Personally From The Appropriate With My First-born Son Today

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