Airline Food: Economy Vs. First Class (30 Pics)

exactly what used to be a female’s dimensions 12 in 1968 is a lady’s dimensions 4 today; what was once third-class is economy-class today. Just what changed? We have grown much more sensitive: I’m maybe not overweight, I still fit into a size 12. I am not a third-class passenger, I’m a cost aware individual that trips in economy-class.

inspite of the name games, flight meals hasn’t altered much. Economy class dishes however are offered in a wrapper, and business or first-class dishes incorporate genuine cutlery. This list reveals the often striking distinction between what the different classes consume.

just what do you consider? Publish your opinions and photos below, and remember: economy-class food actually bad as it’s low priced; it is purposefully bad to encourage individuals with money to buy more expensive seats!

no. 1 Japan Airlines

no. 2 Air France

no. 3 Ana Airlines

no. 4 Emirates Airlines

number 5 Thai Airways

# 6 British Airways

no. 7 Turkish Airlines

#8 Singapore Airlines

#9 Air Canada

#10 Aegean Airlines

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